I’ve been a lot of things in my life. Over time, I have been fortunate enough to settle on being what I really love to be… An enterprise software developer.

Saying that though is also an ambiguous statement. So let me tell you who I mean when I say enterprise software developer. I know it sounds quaint to some but in many ways I have always viewed software developers as people who practice a craft. My own particular craft has been building what has now come to be called line of business systems.

My formal educational training in college was accounting with a minor in economics. That was back in the 80’s but looking back, it’s because I have always been interested in what makes businesses work. Back in those days, a lot of what was tracked in business was done on green ledgers paper. Purchase orders were really written on pads of pre-printed purchase orders. Similarly, orders were really written on pre-printed sales orders.

Over decades, the processes that were paper became automated and enhanced through the use of software and databases. The people who practice the craft of building and re-building and enhancing those processes through software I consider by peers.

Over years, I have worked with and become proficient with the tool I need to pursue that craft. They include the following in no particular order:

C# | VB.net |ASP.net | Windows forms|WPF | Silverlight |WCF | SQL server | Oracle | Web API | Angular | Node| Knockout | Entity Framework | Many others (I think you get the idea though)